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About Dundee, Guide and Top Tourist Attractions
(Dundee, Scotland)

Dundee is the fourth largest city in Scotland, located on the east end and facing the town of Fife across the Firth of Tay. Its inhabitants are called Dundonians, and are said to be one of the friendliest people in Scotland. The city is very accommodating to tourists, with many venues, parks, and hotels built purposely for visitors.

Dundee has a very rich culture, accumulated through 800 years of history and celebrated today in its beautiful architecture and many art galleries and museums. The River Tay, the longest river in Scotland, runs through the city and is an integral part of the Dundonians' livelihood and culture, as well as a popular tourist spot. In fact, the river is where the city gets its name - the Gaelic Dun Dèagh literally means 'Fort on the Tay,' Dèagh being the Gaelic form of Tay.

What to do in Dundee

Art and culture buffs will have a blast visiting Dundee's many galleries and museums. Take time to visit as many as you can, because there is a lot to see - besides the standard classic and contemporary exhibits, there are specialised venues for the city's fine decorative art, marine history, and jewellery. For those pressed for time, The McManus Galleries on Albert Square is a great choice. It has a little of everything, from sculpture and casts to alternative and wildlife displays.

Dundee has a thriving nightlife and live music scene, with several bars, pubs, and music venues dotting the city centre and outskirts. Students commonly gather at the Westport Bar on Henderson Wynd East. The bar offers a variety of beers and has an excellent, relaxing ambiance. Comedy acts and live bands perform here regularly.

Tourist Attractions

Dundee is home to many historic sites, most of which have fascinating stories behind them. The Old Steeple, one of Scotland's oldest medieval towers, is a major city landmark and tourist destination. Guided tours to the interior of the tower are sometimes available, usually during the summer and winter seasons.

Nature lovers will enjoy the city's abundant parks and botanical gardens. Lush green expanses are all over the city, giving it a warm, welcoming feel. Many say that the best place to see is Law Hill, which when seen from the other end looks like a magnificent backdrop to the rest of the city. From the top of the Law, one can see most of Dundee, including breathtaking views of the river and harbor.

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