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The University of Dundee is the principal university in Dundee, Scotland. It is one of the leading universities in the UK and enjoys international recognition as a premier educational and research institute in many fields of study. Its constituents have consistently topped university ratings for teaching excellence, and it was named the Scottish University of the Year in 2005 by the Sunday Times Good Universities Guide.

Dundee's University has existed since 1881, but only became an independent university in 1967. It was originally known as University College Dundee, and for 70 years was attached to the larger University of St Andrews in Fife. The relationship between the two schools was a turbulent one, marked with highly publicised arguments and criticisms of the social and academic standpoints of each side. In 1947 the University College principal, Douglas Wimberley, wrote a public letter condemning the College's ties with St Andrew. A Royal Commission in 1954 renamed the University College Dundee to Queen's College, and as the demand for tertiary education grew, it became necessary for the College to be granted independent university status. Finally, in 1967 another Royal Charter officially transformed Queen's College into the present-day University of Dundee.

The University has since progressed into an international university. Government and private funding allowed it to expand its campus and continuously update its facilites, and by 1994 it had grown twice as large as it had been under St Andrew. The University is currently undergoing an extensive expansion project expected to cost some £200 million, which will include the building of new residence halls.


The University offers several facilities for sports, conferencing, and research. The University Library has nine library sites, each carrying a large collection of volumes in specific subject areas. It has a growing collection of electronic resources, which includes 1,500 e-journals, 25,000 e-books, and an archive of major Scottish and British newspapers dating as far back as 1785. The entire collection of the library is included in an information database, which is accessible to all members of the University from within and outside the campus.

The university's sports facilities are usually open to members and non-members of the University, and most are run by the Institute for Sport and Exercise. There are indoor and outdoor courts for a wide range of ball games, baseball and football pitches, large gymnasiums and dance workout studios, and sports equipment such as balls, racquets, and exercise mats.

Famous Students

Many students and officials of the University of Dundee have gained local and international fame for excelling in their respective fields. It has even produced a Nobel Prize winner, James W. Black, who made landmark discoveries in medicine, particularly the antacid Cimetidine and the hypertension drug propranolol. In politics, prominent Dundee alumni include George Robertson, Baron Robertson of Port Ellen, and Brian Wilson, the Prime Minister's Special Representative on Overseas Trade. Contemporary sculptor David Mach and author Kate Atkinson also came from the university.

The University of Dundee handles international applications through the Admissions and Student Recruitment office. For enquiries, call the International department at (+44) 1382 388111. You can also send a fax to (+44) 1382 385500 and email the office at

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